Materials, Techniques and Design Approaches for the Structural Strengthening

The resources to be invested in the rehabilitation of the built environment during the present century will exceed those to be spent in new constructions. For a sustainable public and private investment in the rehabilitation sector, it is fundamental that the players involved in the rehabilitation activities get updated formation on recent areas of knowledge for the implementation of comprehensive and sustainable interventions on the built environment requiring rehabilitation.

During the last decades, innovative materials like fibre reinforced cement composites (FRCC) of ultra-high ductility, and lightweight fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) systems of high tensile capacity and durability, have been developed and used to constitute the material part of innovative strengthening techniques of economic and technical advantages regarded the classical ones.

In the context of the structural rehabilitation of the built environment, the present course aims to provide a solid formation on the use of advanced cement and polymer based materials, proper strengthening techniques and design guidelines. This course should provide to the participant the capability of defining the appropriate inspection and diagnosis strategy, selecting the proper materials and strengthening techniques, and the design preparation using recent design guidelines and advanced computer simulations.

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Institute for Sustaintability and Innovation in Structural Engineering